A New Era of Social Networking Virtual World

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

In the earlier years of this millennium there was no more reliable, more efficient and more user-friendly mode of interaction between the Internet users. That time we had just the email or chat systems to communicate on the web. So the need of communicating with the friends, the batch mates, the colleagues and family members arose drastically. In accordance with that different ideas came to different people to give birth to the so called “Social Networking” concept, such as orkut, hi5, facebook, people forever, friendster, ning, etc to name a few.


But the future lies somewhere else …
The Social Netwoking giants as well as the new entrepreneurs, are now trying to merge all the networks into one, so that there will be a unique identity of a person in the virtual world. Indeed this step will give a new dimension to a person and make the person ubiquitous.

Many new entrepreneurs are making use of the APIs and Web-services being provided by the different social networking websites to make the reunite on web.

– Regards World Desk