Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar – Some Important Cricket Facts

Sachin Tendulkar In Earlier Days

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar was born on 24 April 1973 in Bombay, India. Sachin, one of the child among four siblings, was born in the house of his father Ramesh Tendulkar, a Marathi Novalist. He is also called “Master Blaster” by his fans. He wears ODI shirt no. 10.

He made his first Test debut in 15 November 1989 against Pakistan.

First One Day International(ODI) in 18 December 1989 against Pakistan.

He completed 1,000 test runs in 1992-93 in 19 test matches,

2,000 test runs in 1993-94 in 32 test matches,

3,000 test runs in 1996-97 in 45 test matches,

4,000 test runs in 1997-98 in 58 test matches,

5,000 test runs in 1998-99 in 67 test matches,

6,000 test runs in 1999-2000 in 76 test matches,

7,000 test runs in 2001-02 in 85 test matches,

8,000 test runs in 2001-02 in 96 test matches,

9,000 test runs in 2003-04 in 111 test matches,

10,000 test runs in 2004-05 in 122 test matches,

11,000 test runs in 2007 in 139 test matches,

12,000 test runs in 2008 in 152 test matches.

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16 Responses to Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar – Some Important Cricket Facts

  1. Wow, great post. Those are some really interesting figures on this great player. It was so awesome to see Tendulkar overtake Lara with the all time highest runs. What a great player he truely is and I hope to see many more runs also.

  2. birender says:

    only a true Sachin fan will go in this much depth

  3. neha rehana says:

    master are simply../amazing…

  4. jay chandarana says:

    India are champions i live in england but india are the best no questions because on sachin – your my hero sachin sehwag maja maar chuko maar

  5. jay says:

    no1 can touch the true master of cricket.

  6. jay says:

    you cant get any better than the best

  7. aishwarya says:

    no words to explain your talents………. i,m your great fan

  8. Benudhar Sahoo says:

    Great Tendulkar …………….

  9. Sanket says:

    Sachin We love U…..
    U r one of the reasons why d whole INDIA unites…
    U make all us INDIANS proud….

  10. Sanket says:

    Sachin….U just Rock man…..

  11. Sanket says:

    U r a proud factor for all of us Indians…..
    Hope to see U for a long time playing for India….

  12. wajid says:

    sachin dud play for long time for the ambani’s team
    dont play for country

  13. SACHIN E says:


  14. Abdulmajeed-k says:

    I am one of the fan little master.My birthday is
    24-APR-1988.same day,month of sachin

  15. This an Fantastic write up, I will be sure to bookmark this post in my Newsvine account. Have a awesome day.

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