Firing & Hiring In Jet Airways – Emotional Drama


Jet Airways

Jet Airways, one of the leading company of civil aviation in India, is struggling for its existence. Jet Airways had fired over 1100 employees, after the economic disaster in the world. After this shocking news the employees started protest against this harsh decision of the Jet Airways Management.

Protest By Jet Employees Protest By Jet Employees

In a couple of days from the protest of the employees of Jet Airways, Jet Airways Chairman Naresh Goyal officially announced the re-hiring of the retrenched employees. He said the decision is solely mine, I have neither asked my management nor my wife, about this whole issue. “I have not been able to sleep all night. I apologize for what has happened“, he added.

He appealed the employees to get back to work from today morning. “I was shaken after I saw all the grief around, I cannot see tears. I have faith and am answerable to God and my mother who is no more“, he said emotionally. While asked about the political pressures(that by Maharashtra Navnirman Sena chief Raj Thackeray’s threat), he again re-assured that he has not been pressurized by anybody.

But will this drama really maintain the work-flow with the employees, will they be able to work again with the same motivation ? Lets hope for the goodies !!

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2 Responses to Firing & Hiring In Jet Airways – Emotional Drama

  1. et employees acted like cry babies, MNS again showed that it is a goonda party, Government as usual was confused, Jet airways showed that it has no HR practices or bone and as usualy the laws of land were subverted.

    Jet employees, shoule have known that they were willingly part of game were risk is as much part as rewards are. If they wanted job stability they could have joined low paying and less glamorous jobs in Govt or PSU. They cant have cake and eat it too.

    In final analysis, bunch of galmorous but immature kids with politicians have set a bad precedence.

  2. Anuj Varma says:

    Right you are Undercover Indian. It is pathetic that the employees have to go seeking the help of criminals (Shiv Sena) to address their grievances. If they felt they were unfairly terminated, they should have gone to court for help – not to a bunch of criminals.

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